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about us

Smart Mining ehf. is a completely transparent mining pool operator located in Iceland. We are here to offer you the best and most effective mining service. Since early 2017 we are optimizing our proprietary data-center to generate the best possible mining results for our clients. Through the power of Ethereum based smart-contracts, the pool mining results are fully secured and in addition every transaction can be proven on the Blockchain.


As our partner company Spreadblock ehf. was founded in March 2017, we got a lot of experience in running mining data-center's and all related topics. This makes us able to provide you with the best product on the market.


With our current hashrate we were able to investigate different concepts of overclocking to provide you with the most powerfull but reliable mining concept through our in almost all points self developed & well optimized infrastructure.


Through our current environment we were able to develope a brand new solution for fast and secure, but almost maintenance-free mining. Every process from BIOS flashing up to fixing of smaller problems is already highly automated.

Mining pool result distribution

Here you can see how all available tokens are allocated and according to this the mining results will be distributed. 80% of all tokens will be available for mining pool clients, but 20% shall be allocated to Smart Mining as fee for handling the mining operation.





Usage of Proceeds

Here you can see how we will use the received proceeds to build up the mining operation.


Mining Hardware




Infrastructure Upgrade



Redefine the way of cloud mining

The company itself is located in Iceland. All the mining revenues to pay for the operation-costs are totally tax free, so that we can increase your mining result.

All processes related to the mining are optimized in order to get the biggest possible result for our clients. Thanks to the cooler temperaturs we can reduce the cooling costs and increase the hardware's durability. By geothermal energy production in Iceland, we benefit from the very low electrcity prices.

Calculate resulting Client hashrate

Simulate your ETH mining result during our 4-year contract period, based on real historical Ethereum difficulty & price data.

Move the sliders to adjust your Participation Amount and the Ethereum-data.

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Ethereum history

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Mining Pool Roadmap

Our detailed plan with scheduled dates for the project.

Awesome Team

Such a project is of course only possible with a strong team. We brought together specialists from different branches for this project.

Patrick Brückling

Director & Co-Founder of Smart Mining

He comes with years of experience in managing new construction sites and leading the employees. Over two years ago he started overclocking his graphic-cards to optimize the results on his first mining rigs.

Spreadblock ehf.

Partner & Co-Founder of Smart Mining

Years of cryptocurrency mining experience which provides Smart Mining an optimized infrastructure with self-developed ready for production software to power-boost the mining operation results to the maximum.

Claudiu Schuster

Development & Co-Founder of Smart Mining and Spreadblock

As German "State-Certified IT Engineer" with over eight years of experience he founded Spreadblock, developed the mining system and specialized himself during the last time to Solidity smart-contract development.

Fabian Schneider

Development & Operations Monitoring

He comes from a big IT system house and is now employed in Germany's biggest datacenter as a Linux administrator and responsible for the development of the monitoring infrastructure.

On-site maintenance

Ready for fast problem solving

Our maintenance specialist will increase the lifetime of the mining hardware and will be available on-site if problems occur.

Diane Knauer

Marketing & Design Specialist

With years of experience in designing and marketing, she is employed for the marketing at a big German manufacturer specialized in automation-technology which supplies many big companies as Siemens.